Time to Connect


How are you connecting with your child during Lock-Down, Dad?

Remember when we all said, “I only see my kids for an hour in the morning and again in the evening, I wish I had more time".

How do you feel about this situation now? "This is insane... My 2-year-old is so busy... They don’t listen to me... They are distracted... I am going to lose it..."

How do teachers do this, how do they connect with my child, how how how?

As Dads we have a rough name, here today gone tomorrow! But do we really understand the role we play in our children's lives? I think we really get to understand this responsibility when we get that look one day that says, “Hi dad, I love you", followed by the biggest hug you have ever received.

Or when you have just corrected unruly behavior and they glance at you with the softest eyes imaginable and hug you tight.


Connecting with your child:

How does this happen? Do you have an automatic connection with your little one which can never be broken? Is this something that is bought with chocolates and treats or is it an unspoken feeling made up of pure trust, appreciation and an unwavering love between a father and their child?

In my experience you build that connection when you:

  • Do what you say;
  • Trust your child and be trustworthy to your child;
  • Act when its necessary;
  • Discipline when required;
  • Be empathetic;
  • Be consistent;
  • Be a friend when needed;

But most of all, just be in the moment with your child, nurture their amazing creativity, their perceptiveness, their joyfulness and appreciate the way they see our world, through untainted and unconditioned eyes.


My final word:

Go down on your haunches (to their level), look them in the eye, don’t speak down to them, don’t ever think just because you are taller, stronger or their Dad, that you can impose yourself on a toddler. Big mistake, you are no match for their intensified ball of firing emotions!

Ever since I have practised this method and started explaining things to my 2-year-old, life has been a dream.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to be guided by your child`s weird, wild and wonderful ways.


Till next time,

Eco Dad