Juice Bottle Buzzy Bees

Bee Craft ~ by Bernardé

Make this cute bee using a few recycled items and paper Mache.

You will need:

Plastic bottles

Round plastic lid

Plastic sheet

Large polystyrene ball

Newspaper for paper mache

Modge podge

Masking tape

White and yellow craft paint

Crepe paper in yellow and black

White tissue paper

Chenille stems

Pom poms

Googly eyes

Craft stick

What to do:

Start by shaping the bee’s body. Cut the top off a juice bottle. Draw a line down the centre of the bottle and mark six holes where the legs are going to be attached. Poke a small hole through each marked dot.

Shape the back of the bee by using the top of a shampoo bottle as the stinger. Hold in place with masking tape.

Cover the bottle by painting podge onto the bottle and cover with newspaper squares. Leave the holes for the legs open. Let dry. Paint the polystyrene ball yellow and attach to the rest of the body by slightly overlapping the newspaper squares with the join on the head.

Paint a layer of white primer over the newspaper. Shape the rest of the back by placing a plastic cup cover over the stinger. Cover with newspaper and podge, paint white.

Once the paint is dry, you can start layering the yellow and black. Paint podge and cover the yellow areas first with squares of crepe paper.

Mark out the stripes and cover with black crepe paper.

Cut two wings out of the sheet plastic and cover with white tissue paper.

Make the legs and antennae by cutting the chenille stems and wrapping one end tightly around the pompom.

Glue the wings to the body using a glue gun. Cut the craft stick in half and fold a piece of chenille stem into a loop. Glue one piece of the craft stick over the join on the wings, glue the looped chenille stem on top of the craft stick and glue the other piece of craft stick over the joins in the loop.

Attach the legs by pushing it through the holes you have left in the bottom. Make a small fold in the stem before you push it through to ensure a tight fit.

Poke two holes in the top of the head and insert the antennae.

Finish the bee by adding two large googly eyes and a smile :)