Smart Mittens -  Smitty for Babies
Smart Mittens -  Smitty for Babies
Smart Mittens -  Smitty for Babies
Smart Mittens -  Smitty for Babies
Smart Mittens -  Smitty for Babies

Smart Mittens - Smitty for Babies

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Smart Mittens - Revolutionary Cleansing Mitts


  • Can be used with or without cleansers but only warm water is necessary.
  • Rub mitten gently over baby’s head, face and body (especially in little creases); wherever the Smitty touches, it cleans!
  • Teething/drool cloth – Smitty absorbs over 7 times its own weight in moisture so it can be used to mop up the “acid” laden baby saliva that can chaff & inflame skin.
  • Nappy area wipes – a dampened Smitty can clean the nappy area instantly with warm water only & can either be washed immediately or turned inside out and stored in the ziplock bag.
  • Face & hand cleaning – Smitty cleans 99% of bacteria off the skin and is portable & convenient to use anytime.
  • Please clearly mark each Smitty for its individual use i.e. Bathing, feeding and nappy changes – do not cross use after washing.
  • Smittys are recommended to be replaced every 2-3 months.


Environmentally Sustainable

More sustainable for the environment, one Smart Mitten replaces up to 400 disposable wipes and cotton pads, and leaves your skin cleaner, smoother and free of chemicals.
Use your old mittens for house cleaning.  

Clean with bar soap after each use, can be machine washed, but do not use fabric softeners or bleach.

Reduce and reuse – when you have replaced your Smart Mitten – use the old one for other purposes, for example – use for ingrown hairs on the body, and cleaning around the house.


Cruelty Free

Smart Mittens are kind to your skin, and even kinder to animals


“Disposable wipes are behind 93% of sewer blockages and 9.3 million are flushed down toilets everyday. Besides the fact that they’re filling up the oceans, lining beaches and clogging up our sewers, they’re also really bad news for your skin.” Glamour Magazine