About Us

About Us - Embrace Nature, Nurture Life with Eco Mom

At Eco Mom, we stand as a testament to the power of nature's embrace and the boundless love of motherhood. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realization – that happiness, health, and harmony can be achieved through nature's nurturing touch. With the heart of a mother and the spirit of an eco warrior, we embarked on a mission to create a haven where every home resonates with the joy of all-natural living. Our guiding mantra: "Happy, Healthy Home, Naturally."

Our Founder's Story: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Eco Mom is not just a business; it's a dream realized by our founder, Bianca Malherbe, who believes in the extraordinary potential of nature's gifts. With the birth of her beautiful baby boy in 2018, she was inspired to weave a tapestry of wellness that marries the profound love for family with an unwavering commitment to a zero waste lifestyle. Fueled by passion and driven by purpose, she saw a need to make safe, natural, and non-toxic products accessible and affordable for all, shaping the very essence of Eco Mom.

Nature's Promise: All-Natural Delight

For us, every product that finds its way to your home is a promise kept. A promise of natural beauty, undeniable purity, and unyielding safety. Our selection is curated with meticulous care, ensuring that every ingredient that touches your family's skin is a gift from the earth, untainted by harsh chemicals and artificial additives. With a heart that beats for animals, rest assured that none of our products will ever be tested on our furry friends.

Dancing Lightly on Earth: Sustainability at Heart

In a world where plastic often prevails, we are unyielding in our commitment to minimizing our footprint. We dance lightly on our shared home, the Earth, by embracing plastic-free packaging whenever possible. As eco-conscious souls, we know that every small step adds up to create lasting change. While the path to plastic-free might not always be easy, our dedication remains unwavering.

A Home Away from Home: Our Premises

Eco Mom isn't just an online store; it's a welcoming space where dreams of a happier, healthier life flourish. Nestled in the heart of North Riding, Johannesburg, our premises offer you the chance to experience our curated delights in person. Order collections and product viewings bcan be arranged by appointment.

A Family's Touch: Rooted in Love and Unity

Eco Mom isn't just a business; it's a family. We are rooted in the values of family, love, and unity. As a family-run and oriented enterprise, we understand the importance of products that bring joy to every member of your household. We embrace the same care, attention, and intention that we extend to our own loved ones.

Join Our Tribe: Embrace the Eco Mom Way

At Eco Mom, we invite you to be part of a tribe that cherishes nature's wisdom and celebrates the love that builds families. Whether you're a new parent, a seasoned guardian, or an eco enthusiast, our arms are wide open to welcome you. Join us on this journey where happiness and health find their home, naturally.

Come, embark on a voyage where playfulness meets responsibility, and happiness is a natural state of being. Welcome to Eco Mom, where nature nurtures, families flourish, and the world becomes a greener, kinder place – one step at a time.